Monday, September 29, 2008

Catching up after the storm

We're finally starting to calm down around here. Whew, it's been a busy recovery after the storm!

While we were still evacuated we found out that Mike has mono. He's slowly getting better - but it just takes time. He's weak, but has good days and bad days. Fortunately none of the rest of us got it!

We were able to come home on the evening of Wed the 17th. Mark and I brought Uncle Jimmy back with us, and Mike went and brought Precious back home. Fortunately we had only lost fence parts, and the house was basically ok.

Uncle Jimmy was excellent at keeping Mark entertained- they sure did hit it off! While they were busy I hurriedly put together the guest room. Uncle Jimmy stayed with us until this past Friday the 26th, when he was able to go home. His grandson came and picked him up to take him home to Galveston. Thank goodness the worst damage his house had was a screen door that needs replacing. We miss our houseguest though! Mark crawls over to the chair he sat in and keeps looking for him.

On a very sad note, we had to put our cat Precious down. She was 15.5 years old, and such a wonderful cat. She loved all of us, and was especially good with Mark (see the previous post about them). She had started to lose weight (last month she was 8 lbs, she'd been 9 in 2006). And we knew it was time to take her to the vet. Unfortunately, before we could do that the hurricane struck and we had to evacuate. We took her with us, and she had a safe place to be (at my sister's house, there were other cats there too, but she had her own space). Unfortunately that sped up what was ailing her. We were hoping she'd pick up when we got home Wed night. Thursday she seemed a tad better, but not really. I called Fri am (19th) and the vet was able to work us in that afternoon. When he weighed her, she was 4.5 lbs. He said she was in very bad shape, and that we could give her meds, but that it would be delaying the inevitable. Now, one reason we chose and use this vet is because he does what he can to save animals, doesn't like to put them down. So when he said that was probably the best option for Precious, we knew what we had to do. Fortunately she never really did suffer or hurt too bad. She lived a long and peaceful life, and we miss her dearly. Mike met Mark and I at the vet, and we got to spend a nice hour as a family for one last time. Mark doesn't totally understand, but more than once I've caught him crawling toward Precious's area looking for and calling out for his "gaht" and "geeehteeeee". It breaks my heart, but we all know that we did the right thing.

We had both sets of grandparents come visit us for a couple hours. Mike's parents came that weekend (Sat the 20th). They JUST got their electicity back this past Sat night (the 27th). We invited them down for a visit and to do laundry! They had a great time with Mark and watching college football with us. While they all stayed entertained I cleaned up the office/computer room. I had a lot to do, but it looks a lot better. Mark enjoyed visiting with his Grammy and Grandpa.

My parents came down on Monday the 22nd, which happened to be my 38th birthday. They brought a BBQ dinner and a cake! It was fun, and a nice celebration (not to mention yummy). We have a tradition where we make a lamb cake for family birthday parties. Mom made a lamb cake for me (which I appreciated a ton, I'd been planning on making my birthday cake so it was so sweet that she did it). Mark had a blast with Mamacita and Pappasito.

Mark turned 9 months on Thursday. His unofficial stats (his 9 month appointment isn't until a few days before his 10 month birthday!) are 18.8 lbs and 28 inches. He didn't gain a ton of weight this past month, but spent more time growing taller. There is a marked difference in how tall he is this month vs last month. He's outgrown many of his six month clothes. Right now the 9 month and 9 to 12 month clothes fit him best. He's so cute with the 4 top and 2 bottom teeth sticking out prominantly. And he's drooling and teething pretty hard- I have a feeling (and can see) a few more are going to be popping out soon. He's cruising while holding on to tables, chairs, sofas, anything he can. And a couple times he's even stood on his own (before realizing what he's doing and dropping to the ground).

Saturday (the 27th) we went to cousin Ryan's birthday party. It was a construction theme, and Mark had a fantastic time. He loved being with all the big kids and did his best to get right in there with them.

Anyway, that's what's been going on around here! We're ready to get back to a semi normal life. Slowly but surely it's happening.

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Anonymous said...

Such fun times, it sounds like. I'm so sorry for your loss (Precious). Your family gives me so much hope that I'll have that kind of happiness one day.