Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adventures in Reading

Mark loves books. We frequently go to Belles & Beaus (our favorite consignment store) and pick up books. And Mamacita and Papacito gave Mark a fantastic bookshelf that currently resides in our living room. He often picks out one for us to read to him, and sometimes "reads" a book himself. He always holds the book up properly, and can point out pictures in some of his favorite books.

Playgroup went to the library today for Toddler Story Time. Well, we attempted to go for toddler story time, but they were full before our group got there. Anyway, we hung out in the toddler section for a while, checking out the books and playing with our group.

We both got library cards. Mark has his very own library card and is allowed to check out any books from the toddler section of the library. He picked out four board books and is quite excited about it.

We also signed up for the Summer Read to Me program. For every fifteen minutes that Mark reads a book with Mommy or Daddy we gets to check off a space on the chart. When we fill it up with five hours of reading/listening we will take it back to the library for a special treat.

We're off with a bang! We're crossing half a mark off the first fifteen minutes. He doesn't have the attention span to sit and listen for fifteen minutes at a time, but we can do a couple books at a time. Right now our goal is to do fifteen minutes every two or three days. We'll see how it goes!

I loved having a library card growing up, spent many hours picking out books. Now, hopefully Mark has begun a similar path.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Mommy

I am so in love with this little boy.

Last night we met up with some friends (Kiza and Richard have a son Colin who is just two weeks younger than Mark) for some playtime and then went to see fireworks. The Kemah Boardwalk does fireworks every Friday night at 930. This was the first time for both boys to see fireworks, so we figured we'd see them from the safe distance of the Target parking lot. It was the perfect spot, not too crowded and a great view.

After the fireworks (which the boys loved by the way) we were standing around talking. I was holding Mark in my arms. He looked right at me, said "My Mommy" and put his head on my shoulder. My heart melted. I am so in love with this little boy.