Thursday, July 2, 2009

18 months (!) and the croup

It's been a busy few weeks here- time for Mark's 18 month (!) stats. Wow, it's hard to believe he is 18 months. Time sure does fly. It was just a few days shy of 18 months of being contracted out and waiting for him. He's been born and with us officially longer than our wait for him. Actually, we celebrated 3 years from when we contracted out with Lifetime on June 29th. Life sure is different now, and oh so much fun!

Anyway, to get to the good stuff, his appointment and stats: He's 24 lb 10 oz, 32.25 inches tall. His head is 18 7/8 inches. The dr said go ahead and keep him rear facing until 30 lbs, and that she can tell he's a pretty smart kid because he has a great vocabulary and is talking up a storm and interacting well. The challenge- lose the sippy cup completely by 2 years old. He took his 2 shots just fine. The Hib was still deferred due to a shortage (it was at his 1 year appt too). He sometimes doesnt want to drink milk (still on 2% as he has been since the beginning - he's supposed to drink 16 oz a day), and she said as long as he gets it in cheese, yogurt, ice cream, even calcium fortified oj it's ok. We don't go back for another well kid (can't call him a baby anymore!) check up until he is 2! We made that appointment for the Monday after his birthday.

But of course, we were back at the dr office a week and a half later. Mark has the croup again. Apparently there are some kids who get the croup every time they get a virus. Mark is one of those kids. This is his 3rd bout (he had it over Thanksgiving, and again in May). Fortunately we know what to do now (we pretty much ride it out, but he does use a humidifier - we do the shower/steam breathing treatment if it's really bad) and his dr said it gets easier and more mild each time. Eventually he should grow out of it. So while we did have some exciting and busy days this week, we also had some really good, long naps and have been taking it easy. He was at the worst of it Thursday morning, so he's on the upswing and should be fine after this weekend. We don't have much in the way of 4th of July plans except to relax and have fun- so that'll be good for him. Daddy is off Friday, so it's a nice long weekend.

Here are a few pictures taken recently of Mark.