Thursday, September 11, 2008


Mark is getting to participate in his first hurricane evacuation. We're not mandatory yet, but we are voluntary. Mark and Mommy actually left on Wed because we went to go pick up great uncle (that's great-great-uncle to Mark!) Jimmy who lives in Galveston. This was the first time that Mark met Uncle Jimmy (he's 92) and the two of them are so cute together! Mark just gave him the biggest smile when he met him, and the returning smile was just as big. They are having a great time together.

We went to stay near the rest of the cousins, and two of them are over playing right now. I'm sure the others will be later too. We're in a very nice suite, so there is tons of room for everyone if the electricity goes out! We are supposed to have a back up generator here, so hopefully we'll be all ok!

I am sure we'll be taking lots of pictures and adding them. For now, I'm off to get him up - he's a bit off schedule because of teething plus being in a different environment. This is the first time he's been away from home without Mommy AND Daddy since we left Indiana. He seems to sleep better when both Mommy and Daddy are around. Daddy is probably going to join us tonight -so hopefully he'll sleep better.

And I'm eager to see how many more teeth popped up.

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L L said...

so glad that ya'll are safe. Hope that Mike can join you soon.