Sunday, September 14, 2008

We are still here

We're still here, and thank goodness for generators. We were very fortunate enough to be in a place that has them. The main room's a/c isnt working that well, but both bedrooms are, so my great uncle is doing fine, as are Mike, Mark and I.

A cold front came through last night (little guy did not sleep well at all). So we have one of the balcony doors open and it's making it quite nice here in the main living room. Cable went out, but we still have internet.

It looks like for our nighborhood it's mostly fences down and some roof damage. We're allowed to return back starting Monday, but they say expect no power for about two weeks. Mike may go down there tomorrow to check it out.

My great uncle's house appears to be ok, there is a ton of water in his street but he is high enough on a hill that the house itself is ok. We're not 100% sure, but that is the report we are getting from his friends. His lady friend has 4 feet of water in her condo, so it's not so lucky for her.

Mark has been enjoying his cousins. He is called "Baby Mark" when they are all around. He has had fun watching them, sometimes trying to catch up with them.

Overall, we are very thankful and lucky to be where we are right now. We're glad Mark is doing ok with his first hurricane!


L L said...

so thankful to hear that the damage to yours and your uncle's house appears to be minimal.

MrsAmandaMqn said...

so glad you are all safe. the aftermath is just unbelievable.