Saturday, August 23, 2008


One thing Mark has started doing recently is to say "gaht" and "geeehteeeee" when he sees Precious, our cat. When he spies her he says that, gives out a great big giggle and takes off crawling after her. Often repeating the word, we know that he is trying to say cat and kitty. We call Precious both cat and kitty, so I can see why he calls her both.

Sometimes, if she's nearby he'll pet her. We are working hard with him to actually PET her, but that doesn't always work. If he's able to get ahold of her tail, in to his mouth it goes. Or, he'll take a nose dive toward her and try to put fur in his mouth. You see, our child LOVES to put ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in his mouth. He is very much a texture and taste child.

Anyway, Precious is very tolerant of him. I think that her time spent with nieces and nephews and neighbor kids from their births on up has helped expose her to children. So much that when one came to live with us for good she has adapted pretty well. She will actually attempt to go near him, and go to him for petting sometimes too.

Even as I write this, I'm on the couch, Precious is curled up between Mike and I, and Mark is in Mike's lap. It's not unusual to have our family of four together on the couch or napping on the bed.

One thing Mike did when he flew home while Mark and I were still in Indiana was to bring the cap he wore in the hospital home. I don't know if that made a difference or not, but Precious did get used to the smell of Mark. She was really good with him from the very beginning.

From the time we brought Mark home, the two of them have done well together. Precious is very protective of him. Precious was known to stand by Mark's cradle while he was sleeping, or jump on the couch and fall asleep next to him when he was napping in Mommy or Daddy's arms.

Precious is very tolerant for a 15 year old cat. She recognizes that he's a baby, and not a threat. So she'll let him pet her, come near her. And even let him chase her. When Precious sees him crawling after her she sometimes waits a few seconds to let him catch up. Than she wanders to another part of the house or away from where she is so that he can catch her.

Overall, they make a good pair. Sometimes they "work together". It's funny. One time Mark distracted us and Precious jumped on the coffee table to stick her nose in a bowl. Another, they were both in the playroom and worked together to push on the side to open the door so they could get out. It's funny to watch, and who knows what they will do next!

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