Saturday, October 4, 2008


It is all but impossible to catch Mark showing his teeth. He LOVES to show them, but when you whip out the camera he clamps his mouth shut. We've shown his bottom teeth before, but never been able to catch his top ones. He has four on top and two on the bottom. We took these pictures today right as he was waking up from his nap in the swing. So you can see them a tiny bit ;)

He's teething again, and is having a hard time. Poor kid. We lost his teething necklace (another is on order) - and man, we can tell. He wore it every day when he was getting those top 4 teeth in a row - and he did pretty well. Now, it's a bit different. The Hylands teething tablets seem to be working pretty well though. And when it really gets bad he gets baby orajel teething swabs. Mostly we notice at night, when he can't sleep as well as he usually does. He wakes up a bit fussy, then puts himself back to sleep. He's more restless at night.

It looks like he's about to get some more teeth on top, and possibly on bottom. But we'll see! He is growing so big, it's hard to believe it's been 9 months. Enjoy the pictures and ignore the blurriness and/or red eye ;)


L L said...

What a cute toothy grin!

I wish we were in Houston!I was telling Jay the other day that if he ever got the chance to lecture in Houston to do it, that way I could visit with you and Mark.

SaraAugy said...

So cute!