Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First birthday save the dates

So, with a Christmas Day birthday, we obviously won't be able to have a kids/friends birthday party on his actual birthday. So, we decided to hold it on Sunday, Jan 4th. We figure most of our (and his) friends will be back from vacation (if they are on vacation) since school and work will start back up on Jan 5th.

Another problem- invites may get lost in the holiday mail. I know we all get TONS of catalogs, Christmas cards, letters and more during late Nov and all of December. We will be sending out invitations in December, but decided to make save the dates and send them out this week. That way it'll be on people's calendars if for some reason they don't get or miss the invitation.

His birthday party theme is going to be Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids. Mark loves Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, he watches it on tv daily. When he hears the theme song he comes scurrying into the room to watch. It's the one thing that can get him totally mesmerized and guarantee to keep him interested for a short while.

One neat and exciting thing is that it also explains adoption. You see, Miss Spider is adopted (her Mom is Betty Beetle). And not only that, several of her kids are as well (Bounce, Dragon and Shimmer). She also has five other spider kids. Occasionally adoption is a show theme, sometimes it's a minor theme. And sometimes it's not mentioned at all. They treat it as they treat kindness, patience, friends, or any other theme to their shows. It's a unique way to explain adoption to children, one that they can relate to in a positive way.

It's the perfect theme for our little guy. So, I made some save the dates and they are going out in the mail this week and next. Here is what they look like:


Michelle said...

I love Miss Spider! The save the date cards are cute! I can't believe Mark will be 1 in a month. Time sure does fly.


L L said...

such cute Save the Date invites!

A year! Wow! Where did the time go?!