Wednesday, November 26, 2008

11 months and a month of not so great firsts

Wow, 11 months already!

In just a few short weeks we'll have a birthday boy, a toddler on our hands! His unofficial stats are 20 lbs and 28.75 inches. All we know is that he's growing tall- his clothes don't fit lengthwise as well anymore and he can reach a lot higher and farther than he was able to before!

As for the month of not so great firsts- we are SO ready for November to be over. It's a nice month- it just brought some not so nice or not so fun stuff for our little guy.

His first stomach bug was at the beginning of the month. It lasted almost ten days, poor little guy - with an upset tummy. He took more baths due to containment breaches the first week of this month.... well, almost as many as he'd had in the six months prior to that!

And now, he's got a cold. Poor little guy is all congested and now coughing. We go in for part two of his flu shot today and will mention it to the doctor. It's not the flu, no fever or anything - just congestion and now some coughing. Hopefully we can get the little guy to feeling better soon.

I guess if it took ten/eleven months to get to these firsts, we're doing pretty good. We just hate to see our little guy suffer.

And Mark loves to share. Mommy and Daddy both got the stomach bug too. And now Mommy has her chronic cough and is on cough meds (we're hoping Daddy doesn't get it). Mommy is not contagious, so we're hoping Mark isn't either! We'll find out soon enough.

Anyway, that's the update for now.

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