Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sick Boy

Poor Mark. He's caught the bug/crud/whatever is going around. He's on the upswing now, but it's been a rough few days. Poor kid.

He's coughing from the congestion, and sporting the latest "runny nose" look. Fun times. Mark managed to share it with Mommy, but luckily Daddy hasn't gotten sick yet.

Mostly, he hates it because we have been indoors pretty much the whole time since Sat. We had a busy week of playgroup activities scheduled and had to cancel all of them. A few others in playgroup aren't feeling so hot either, so it's best not to "share the germs".

Hopefully tonight will be a good night and he'll be able to get some rest. It's hard hearing your little one whine over the monitor because he woke himself up coughing. He goes right back to sleep, but still.... It makes for a restless, wakeful night for Mommy too. We have the humidifier in his room, and that seems to be working a bit.

We can't wait for our happy little boy to be healthy again!

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Lauren @4BabyAndMom said...

Poor buggy! Hope he feels better soon!