Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is why he was meant to be a Texan.

He's so not a fan of snow.

He's only been in snow two other times in his life, Jan 14 and Jan 17. And he didn't like it so much then either ;)

But we couldn't resist. Since it rarely snows here in Houston, we let him stay up late and play in the snow. He liked it when he was being held or was in his little car, he just didn't like having to actually touch the cold stuff.

And while it's melting, there is still a little snow out there this morning. It'll disappear in a few hours though as the sun warms it up.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, just beautiful. your family is so blessed. I can't wait to have my moments like this.

MrsAmandaMqn said...

Those pictures are just so precious!